Smart Pressure Cooker With 18 Features

The CHEF iQ Smart Cooker has four built-in smart sensors that accurately measure ingredients and tell you how much liquid you need to cook your food perfectly.
This is very helpful to prepare your daily needs more easily.

The CHEF iQ smart cooker also automatically releases steam at the end of pressure cooking, increasing safety and convenience. Programmed with three pressure release methods: fast, pulsating, and natural.

Smart Pressure Cooker 2

With this cooker, you can prepare your food and the rest will be done automatically. Well programmed to provide more control.

The CHEF iQ smart cooker has over 1000 presets stored, and the cooking calculator in the CHEF iQ app has over 1000 built-in presets. Just enter your ingredients and we’ll provide you with precise cooking times and temperature settings.

With your CHEF iQ smart cooker, you will receive wireless firmware updates for your smart cooker via the CHEF iQ app. Smart cookers gain additional functionality and improve cooking algorithms while remaining on your countertop.


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