Air Fryers and Electric Pressure Cookers With Sure Lock Safety Sym

The Latest in NuWave Electric Pressure Cookers uses dynamic pressure control technology, creating up to 200 pressure settings to maintain a constant boil , thereby maximizing nutrition and providing 20% ​​better taste. With a maximum pressure of 105kPa, the cooking speed is 70% faster than others.

This air fryer also has an intuitive digital display with indicator lights and a 2-dial control panel in 1. 1, allowing easy to use access to 300+240 one-touch presets. Additionally, it offers 3 Sear modes and 5 cooking stages for maximum customization.

Air Fryers and Electric Pressure Cookers With Sure Lock Safety Sym 2

Nuwave pressure cooker has 15 safety features including: overheating protection, automatic pressure release, Sure-Lock technology, and more. Rigorous safety testing ensures that the Duet pressure cooker is one of the safest pressure cookers ever produced.

The purpose of the safety features is to :
• Reduce accidents
• Less absences due to injury or illness
• Reporting and recording incidents wastes less time
• Improves compliance with safety rules
• Avoid investigations HSE
• Fewer payments relating to labor costs and accident compensation legal costs
• Reduced insurance costs
• Increased trust between workers and their managers >Higher productivity levels


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