Fagor LUX Multi-Cooker

Pressure cooking offers a quick and fantastic way to make delicious meals without a lot of effort, all while retaining nutrients and juices. The main advantage of pressure cooking is that the cooking process is much faster than ordinary cooking, which is a great thing for most of us who are forever short on time.

One of the pressure cookers that has gained popularity in the recent past is Fagor 670041880 LUX Multi Cooker. This cooker allows you to set your food and it does the rest of the work for you. It is programmed well to offer more control. The best thing with this 6-quart pressure cooker is that it is made by a reputable brand, Fagor, whose products have managed to get constant positive reviews.

With the Fagor 670041880 LUX Multi Cooker, you can reduce your cooking time by up to 70% as compared to conventional cooking process. You can easily choose your cooking process by selecting either high or low pressure depending on the recipe and quantity of foods you want to cook. It is great for cooking all kinds of recipes.

We have compiled a detailed review of Fagor 670041880 LUX Multi-Cooker to help you learn more about this pressure cooker.

It has four main cooking programs

Slow Cook– slow cooked food taste great and feel succulent, but due to the hassles associated with preparing them, most of us avoid this method of cooking. But with Fagor 670041880 LUX Multi Cooker, this mode of cooking becomes simple and easy as everything is automated meaning that you will only be required to set the slow cook program, and it will do the rest for you; it is just a press and forget function.

This pressure cooker enables you to cook like a pro by offering you various slow cooking modes such as soups, roasts, and stews. All these modes come with low and high-temperature settings to help you customize the cooking process to suit your recipe temperature needs. You just need to add the ingredients in the morning and set the time you want your meals to start cooking; dinner will be ready by the time you get to the house.

Rice Cooking– this cooking program enables you to cook rice in the best way by just a push of button process. It offers various rice recipe programs like brown rice, risotto, and white rice. This function is very convenient. Remembering how to cook different types of rice can be hard. Brown rice needs more than one hour to cook well. Who has all the time? You can set your Fagor 670041880 LUX Multi-Cooker to start cooking your brown rice while you are away from home.

Pressure cooking– this enables you to cook your food at a faster rate than traditional cooking. It offers you the option to either use high or low pressure depending on the varieties of foods that you are cooking. This program is extremely fast and can cook risotto in less than 10 minutes. The best thing with pressure cooking is that it still retains the flavor of your dishes as if it were cooked conventionally.

Yogurt maker– Fagor 670041880 LUX Multi Cooker allows you to enjoy homemade yogurt by making the process of making yogurt simpler and easier. It allows you to pasteurize milk and incubate yogurt in one pot. You can also prepare Greek yogurt using this program.

Besides the above four main cooking functions, Fagor 670041880 LUX Multi Cooker comes with several supporting functions including;

  • Steam
  • Keep warm
  • Brown and sauté
  • Simmer
  • Delay cooking timer


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