Micom Rice Cooker With 12 Menu Options

The micom rice cooker features unique 11 menu options and an ideal 6 cup capacity. We have a wide variety of menus, including popular dishes such as white rice (glutinous rice), brown rice, and porridge, as well as steamed dishes and multi-cooked dishes. The 6-cup (12-cup) rice cooker provides the perfect portion size for small to medium-sized gatherings or large families.

Micom Rice Cooker With 12 Menu Options 2

Micom rice cooker allows you to prepare rice individually. Examples: sticky rice, soft rice, sweet rice, flavorful rice. My Mode puts you in control of your cooking with 16 unique rice flavor and texture options.
Micom rice cookers received top reviews in 2023 for ease of cleanup, taste, and versatility.


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