Cuchen Rice Cooker and Warmer Made in Korea

Cuchen rice cookers and warmers are the best products made in Korea. The pot has advanced features, smart jog wheel, voice navigation function (English/Korean/Chinese), pressure heating, power saving mode, auto cleaning, cover Three-layer electric, easy-to-clean lid and premium Dyking-coated inner pot.

Cuchen rice cooker has a Multi-function product, 6-cup capacity and 10 menu options including White Rice, White Rice Quick, Mixed Cereals, Quick Mixed Cereals, Brown Rice, Nurungji, Baby food, Nutritious steamed rice, healthy porridge. , Slow cooking.

Cuchen Rice Cooker and Warmer Made in Korea 2

Why should you buy this product?
Because it offers advanced features, this rice cooker is equipped with a Smart Dial for easy operation. This rice cooker also has voice navigation function in English, Korean and Chinese, ensuring friendly interaction. With heating pressure, energy saving mode, automatic cleaning, packing Three capacities, an easy-to-clean lid and a premium Dyking-coated inner pot, this rice cooker offers the advantages of convenient and efficient operation.


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