Rice Cooker & Multicooker By Aroma Professional 6-Cups

AROMA rice cooker is a new corded electric product, equipped with 360° induction heating technology including two temperature sensors and a heat-retaining stainless steel lid for balanced, even heating and efficient cooking. more effective. With 360° induction heating technology, AROMA rice cooker perfectly prepares 2 to 12 cups of any type of rice or grain every day.

AROMA rice cooker is the best choice for home appliances as it has a 15 – Hourly timer for flexible meal planning and the AROMA Rice Cooker is ideal for preparing hearty breakfasts, soups, stews, jambalaya, chili and more.

Rice Cooker & Multicooker By Aroma Professional 6-Cups 2

Why should you choose this type?
Because AROMA Rice cooker has Automatic Keep Warm, Automatic Cooking, Induction Heating, Automatic Shut Off, Cool-Touch Exterior, Non-Stick & Programmable. And you have to really get it because in United States AROMA has more than 80,000 5-star reviews in 45 years of operation.


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